Reine Immortelle - Refill 180gr


Reine Immortelle - Refill 180gr

Floral Amber Myrrh

Avid smell of immortelle flower complements the sweetness of the amber woods (patchouli and sandalwood). Teatime at the Château of Champ de Bataille. Adults are sipping their tea. The golden blooms of everlasting flowers are reflected in the waxed surface of the wooden pedestal table. The honey and licorice notes of the cut flowers, whose essence is eternal, mingle with the sweet odor of tea cookies.

Before placing the scented wax refill in your porcelain container, we recommend removing all of the residual wax remaining inside it, especially at the bottom. Fill the container partially with hot water (it should be half full). Leave for 10 minutes to soften the residual wax.

Using a sponge, remove the residue and the wick from the bottom of your container, and then wipe the inside of the container. Now you can insert a new wax refill into the porcelain container.

Do not place the candle in a draft (this is to protect the wick).

Keep away your candle from flammable objects, pets and children. Do not leave the candle unattented. Always place the candle on a heat resistance surface. Trim the candle wick prior to each use and keep the wick centered, vertical. It should not exceed 6 mm in length. This is to extend the candle's life and help prevent black smoke. Our advice: Never use your candle for less than half an hour or for more than 3 hours.

Enjoy !

The 180g refill comes in a slate-grey box and is easy to insert into the porcelain candle holder.

Natural essential oils, high quality mineral wax and cotton wicking.

Average burning time : 45 hours.

La Manufacture des Châteaux chose a well-qualified partner, La Maison Française des Cires, to make its scented candles. The perfume concentrate is skillfully blended into a selected wax that will fully and delicately convey its scent notes. The wax melts evenly at the surface of the candle holder. Candles bearing the Manufacture des Châteaux signature continue to give off their fragrance liberally down to the last gram.

Savoir-Faire - La Manufacture Haute Parfumerie Paris

This deliciously scented wax needed a candle holder. The job required the services of a sculptor and a porcelain-maker. Each candle-holder is hand-cast at La Manufacture de Porcelaine Merigous to produce refined porcelain objects whose glaze gleams in the candle light. Founded in 1954, this family-owned business has won recognition as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company), a mark of recognition awarded by the French Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The business is renowned both for its work in porcelain on historic restoration projects and for the custom production of creations by designers, architects and studio artists.


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A candle lighter offered for 2 candles purchased

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