Admirabilis - 100 ML


Admirabilis - 100 ML

Vaporizer - Spray / Citrusy- Ambery - Incense

Under the arches of Fontfroide cloister, fragrant notes sing in unison. Green sap from surrounding trees, citrus rays of a playful sun, plumes of incense harkening back centuries, balsamic fire... all soar together against the broken arches and combine admirably with the odour of sanctity.
 "I was inspired by the play of light inside the cloister. I wanted to create a kind of chiaroscuro. Contrasting with the clarity of the citrus (bergamot, Italian mandarin) and the green spark of violet leaves, follow dark, more mystical, smoky notes. The depth of the balms (myrrh, benzoin, labdanum, and Tolu) along with the hint of incense reveal the mysteries of monastic life."
Nathalie Koobus – Perfumer –


Composing a fragrance is an art that serves to create emotion and sensoriality.

Each fragrance is like a piece of music. The melody unfolds in three movements before merging with the skin to give off a scent that is all one's own.

First come the top notes, light and fleeting, lasting only a few minutes. This overture allows the wearer to appropriate the fragrance. 

The middle notes, more persistent, are the heart and soul of the fragrance.

As for the base notes, they linger longest and hold the entire composition together.

The way a fragrance interacts with the skin is unique. It will not reveal itself fully until it is worn. Try dabbing it on your wrists, your neck or behind your ears.

You can also spray a fine mist of fragrance onto your clothes. It will be lovely, spritzed on your jacket lapel, shirt collar or skirt hem. Natural materials, especially wool and cashmere, are best able to reveal all of its facets.

Heat and light are your perfume's worst enemies. We advise keeping your fragrance bottles away from all sources of heat and/or strong light.


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